About Us

Let us take advantage of this time of apparent powerlessness to pray, read, form ourselves, strengthen family relationships, making virtue out of necessity as did countless others who have done before us.

It is only with this can each of us become like the pilot boats who steer big ships and containers through the ‘rip’ of life, taking control of the steering for a while to pilot an organisation's project, program or portfolio to its strategic goals.

Transformational change starts from the transformation within. Let this 'hibernation' time be a time of transformation for all of us. A transformation badly needed in each and every walk of life. Emerging from this will be a distinct change in the way we see things - seeing differently!

Dr. Angela Lecomber is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Project Management and a Certified Practising Project Director. She has over forty years experience working in a wide range of sectors including the Catholic Church in Australia, Victorian Government Departments, Local Government Councils in both Melbourne and United Kingdom and a range of private companies. She has delivered innovative outcomes in everything she has tackled. Angela's PhD is on the use of ‘best practice’ project management method, PRINCE2.