How we can help your capability?

“This is what I love about you; how you crystallise or practically develop ideas” David Adeson, PMO Manager, Parks Victoria.

During this time of 'lock-down' and global uncertainty, the need to support each and everyone to harness their inner resources, so as to be able to deliver outcomes in the future that benefit the organisation as well as the community and the environment. Everyone will tell you that they have been on projects. However solid experience and wisdom in delivering well executed projects and programs comes from “being on the edge” supporting others to attain their goals. See Differently provides support and mentoring to develop skills in executing projects, programs and transformational change.

To use the 'ship' analogy: Projects are like ships. A flotilla of ships is like a Program supposedly heading in the right direction, the strategic goal. Each ship has a project manager steering it. Sometimes the project manager does not ‘read’ the current correctly and needs assistance to steer the project in the right direction. Sometimes the program has a number of ships going in different directions. See Differently sometimes takes the steering wheel as a pilot steers a ship to its destination. Program management is not just complex project management. It is on a different level (strategic not tactical, outcomes not outputs). See Differently supports the program manager in their multidimensional and transformational role.

See Differently offers project support, coaching and mentoring of project and program managers. We offer quality assurance and risk assessments of projects, programs and portfolios.